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Golden Rules for Living

Golden Rules for Living

If you open it, close it
If you turn it on, turn it off
If you unlock it, lock it up
If you break it, admit it
If you can’t fix it, call in someone who can
If you borrow it, return it
If you value it, take care of it
If you make a mess, clean it up
If you move it, put it back
If it belongs to someone else and you want to use it, get permission
If you don’t know how to operate it, leave it alone
If it’s none of your business, don’t ask questions
If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it
If it will brighten someone’s day, say it
If it will tarnish someone’s reputation, keep it to yourself

-          Author Unknown-

Profitable Hobbies to Start

Maybe to get to know someone, one can just inquire about the hobbies of that person. Hobbies say much about us because they are activities we love doing. Hobbies give us happiness and this is where we devote our spare time to.  It is no question that all of us should nurture a hobby. However the challenge is in choosing one. Some hobbies can be expensive while others can be dangerous.

Well why not start a hobby that can make you earn good money. Make money by doing things you love by trying the suggestions below:

Gardening: Do you have a green thumb? Start your own garden by planting flowers, herbs or vegetables. You can also try organic farming. Take pride when your plants bloom and produce. Make money when you opt to sell the others.

Blogging: Love to write? How about starting a niche blog? research and write about a popular topic and when the blog is established- you can earn from ad posts.  For success, you need to have knowledge about SEO and the likes.

Baking/Cooking: Master that cupcake recipe or whip up a unique yummy dish. This delicious hobby has great earning potential because you can sell your delicious food treats anyweher. Who knows you might even get to open your new restaurant.

Collecting: Stamps, postcards, game cards, old coins, toys, books- start a collection of anything you fancy. They may not earn money right away but the value of your collection may be worth a lot in the future.

This is just a small list because there are a lot of profitable hobbies. The important thing is – get a hobby that will make you (and others too) happy first. The money will come when we love the things we do.

Looking for Floor Scale Packages?

FloorScales provides vehicle scales, and those who buy these scales for use in weigh stations need to remember to calibrate them frequently. This ensures that the weights that are being registered are accurate and true. If you do not calibrate them, there could be some problems in the future, which can be easily avoided if you have a set calibration schedule that is adhered to at all times. 

The first problem that you could face is that shipments could be delayed if a truck is deemed to be too heavy for a certain roadway, even though that vehicle is within the limits and should be allowed on the road. When shipments are delayed, customers are aggravated and the company sending out those items could even attempt to sue you for their lost income if orders are cancelled because of the delay. If they can prove that the scale was not properly calibrated and that the truck should have been let through without any delay, they are going to win the case. 

This could also just lead to negative publicity for those who are running the weigh station. If fines are given out to people who actually should not have been fined, stating that they were breaking the weight limit laws for the roads, those people could then take legal action. Companies will want to be compensated monetarily, and they will also want to prove that the allegations were false in order to clear their names in the public eye.

Olive Oil for Thicker Hair

My mother used to have long and thick hair when she was younger. Now that she is more than 70 years old, her hair is thinning and has lost its luster -until she discovered the benefits of olive oil to hair.

She starts to regularly apply olive oil to her scalp a few hours before taking a bath. Sometimes, she would apply it at night and just sleep with a hair cap to make sure the olive oil is really absorb by the scalp. 

And to our surprise, after a few months of doing it, her healthy hair is restored –thick and shiny again. For those who want to try it too, here’s a simple recipe for olive oil hair mask:
Just add a few drops of honey to olive oil to make a hair mask. Add just enough honey because too much of it can make the mask sticky and harder to apply. When the desired consistency is reached, apply the mixture to hair and scalp and then cover it with a hair cap.
Wait for 1 and ½ hour before rinsing it with shampoo. It is best to rinse with cool water because hot water takes away hair shine. 

Do this natural hair care treatment regularly and your hair will be the envy of many. 

Heart Monitors for Exercise

Many people are using heart rate monitors when they exercise. It is smart to use these monitors as they give excellent feedback for those looking to achieve a specific target heart rate. There are some people who should not exercise without a heart rate monitor. Those who should wear a heart rate monitor are those with medical conditions that require them to keep their heart rate at a certain level, and athletes’ when training. The MIO Alpha strapless heart rate monitor makes wearing a monitor much more comfortable than those that require a strap.

When starting an exercise program, you may hear much about reaching a target heart rate. Target heart rate is 50% to 85% of your maximum heart rate. Beginners will start by reaching the lower end while those who are fit and exercise very often will strive for the higher percentage. To calculate maximum heart rate; you subtract your age from 220. Once the maximum rate is determined, multiply it by .50 to determine the low end of your target rate and by .85 to determine the high end. This information along with a comfortable strapless heart rate monitor will provide excellent information while working out.

Heart rate monitors are an excellent tool whether you are someone who needs to wear one, or someone who wants to have the valuable information available.

Tip For Beautiful Windows

As the saying goes, “there is no place like home” so almost everybody strive to keep their homes as comfortable and as beautiful as possible. There are so many ways to beautify a house and having elegant and stylish windows is one of them.

Though decorating a house is surely fulfilling, it can also be a very challenging project because choosing the right design, furniture or paint color can be stressful and can burn a hole in one’s pocket. It is important that one has a clear idea of the house design from the start and know the right place to go to get the tools needed and the perfect company that one should seek services to. For example for those who need accents to make their windows impressive, they can go to denver window company.

This company is one stop shop for accent window needs and would guide you in your house window project from start to finish. They make things very convenient too because they offer free in-house estimates and one can request for it online. They also guarantee the highest standards of quality and professionalism. With denver window company, elegant windows for your home is just one call away.

Easy Loans for Small Businesses

When it comes to obtaining loans from a traditional financial institution, borrowers are put through much more red tape than is necessary. They are also subject to unfair and inflexible loan terms which often find them behind the eight ball when the loan comes due. Big banks are meant to loan to big businesses. Individuals and small business owners would do well to avail themselves of the resources that are meant for them. USA Cash Services ( is such a resource. offers Nevada Payday Loans

When you do business with USA Cash Services (, you do not have to spend money finding your credit score or digging up old financial records from two decades ago. You do not have to wait weeks or months to find out if you have been approved. You do not have to wait by the phone or the fax machine for that call from the bank asking for yet another round of information from you. You simply get the money that you need with great terms and go about your business. There are few financial institutions in Nevada that specialize in providing loans for small businesses and individuals with credit problems. Most of them try to overcharge their customers in order to make a profit. This is not the business model of USA Cash Services ( They have built a reputation based on outstanding customer service and repeat business. If you need money right now, go to USA Cash Services ( in Nevada.
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