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Ways to Raise a Responsible Child

Kids will be kids. It is in their nature to be naughty and mischievous. As a youngster they are not yet aware that there are set of laws to be followed. This is the reason why children with irresponsible parents grow up to be rebellious and disobedient. To develop the child’s sturdy character, discipline must be enforced. Children naturally desire order and maintaining it is a challenge for all parents.

Establish rules. Talk to your child and make him understand that there are some things that he can and cannot do. Discuss why certain behaviors are unacceptable. Set punishment for each wrong act. If the rules are clear, your child would not feel misunderstood or unloved when punished.

Be consistent. Children know the rules but will still attempt to break them just to discover your reaction. It might break your heart to implement disciplinary action but reprimanding your child is the right decision to do. This will let them know that every action has a consequence. Giving in to their excuses and tears will only encourage them to repeat the bad deed.

Provide a good example. Begin with yourself. Remember you can’t give something you do not have. Make sure that you are practicing whatever value that you try to teach your kids. You can’t make a child keep a tidy room if he or she sees that your room looks like a jungle.

Let your child develop a good habit. Good habits are essential to succeed in life. Set a specific time for schoolwork to develop study habits. Nourish them with fruits and vegetables to guarantee a healthy lifestyle. At an early age let him or her see the benefits of saving and the ills of overspending. Expose them to a number of activities that will develop their intellect and widen their knowledge.

Recognize good behavior. Be sure to notice your child’s good deed. Smile and let them know that you are pleased. Offer rewards if you think they are necessary. Good behaviors will be reinforced and will remain in their system for life.

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