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How To Save Money Easy Steps

They say one sure-fire way to earn more is to save more – which makes sense right? Financial independence can really be achieved by living below one’s means and mind you it doesn’t really mean that you need to forego some luxuries. In more ways than one, it is just being extra mindful of how one spends money and other resources.

Based on my own experience, here are some easy ways that has helped me save lots of money:

  1. Bringing packed lunch to school or work – Food in school or work can be expensive that it can occupy a big chunk in my allowance. Once I start bringing packed lunch, I get to save so much from food and I also tend to eat healthier.

  1. Bringing bottled water. It has become a habit of mine and aside from keeping me hydrated- it has also kept me from buying expensive bottled water or other drinks in stores.

  1. Always look for promos and discounts or sales. When I am about to purchase something, I always check out special rates or would research if that store would have a sale soon.

  1. Buying a rice cooker with steamer. Rice cooker with steamer lets me cook my food faster because while the rice is cooking, I can also steam veggies or fish. That helped lower my electricity bills.
  2. Keeping a piggy bank. Make sure you have a place for you loose change or coins. It is an old method but it sure still works for me. 

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  1. these are just simply awesome steps you share here. I have the piggy banks, and yes I always bring bottled water with me. I don't have to bring my own lunch because I don't work :D

    maybe if you are interested, please visit my site : - I am having a little giveaway, a top commenter gets a prize from me:)


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