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How to Be Happy & Fight Negative People

Everybody wants to be happy and indeed there are so many reasons for one to feel joy. However, as ironic as it may seem, happiness seems to...

How to Keep Veggies Fresh Longer

To be healthy, one needs to eat lots of fresh vegetables. The problem is it is hard to buy as many vegetables as you want because there is this pressure to use them right away as they might go stale.

To solve that, one just needs some paper bag. Yes, put your tomatoes, lettuce, and other greens inside a paper bag before stocking them in your refrigerator. You will see that you can enjoy green and fresh vegetables longer. This is because the paper seeps absorbs the extra moisture in fruits and veggies.

Things to Do to Be a Successful Blogger

Blogging is a great hobby because it is very fulfilling, challenging, and a stress reliever. One can even earn lots of money from it. Blogging can really opens lots of doors to great opportunities. But to road towards being a successful blogger is not easy.

I can never say I am successful but I do know some things about keeping a blog alive and somehow profitable. From my years of experience, here are the things I’ve learned that can make one’s blog a success:

  1. Post regularly. Blogging is not a one time thing. Once you start, you have to keep going. Make sure that you post at least once a week to keep the blog active and attractive to the search engines.

  1. Have the passion for it. Don’t just blog for the purpose of making money. Start a blog because you love doing it and blog about the things that really interest you. This will keep you going and will give you reasons to keep on posting.

  2. Learn how to socialize. Add share buttons. In a lot of ways, blogging is sharing and reaching out to others. So don’t blog for yourself alone. It is great if you can visit other blogs of similar topics. Blogging can give you lots of friends. It will also be good in increasing the backlinks for your blog.

  1. Always be alert on new blog features you can add to improve your blog. Always take steps to improve and grow. You can read guide materials, blogging tips and observe other blogs.
  2. Strive to learn about SEO. Search engine optimization or Seo is the magic word for all web masters. Owning a blog is a mini website so you must also know SEO. It is about building backlinks for your blog, maximizing the use of meta tags, and stuffing your blog with the right keywords etc.

Have a Spirit of Excellence

Recently, I had the privilege of watching this 30-minute video by Joel Osteen that is so inspiring, it just has to be shared. It is applicable to everyone and in all aspect of our lives. It is all about having a spirit of excellence. I took some notes while watching this video:

 • The video says that in our society today, mediocrity is the norm. However, God doesn’t bless mediocrity, God blesses excellence. 

• So all of us should -Go the extra mile” and “Do more than what is required.” 

• Living well or in excellence praises and honors God. 

• Having a spirit of excellence also means doing the right thing at all times, even when no one is watching. 

• We should all- “Take pride in our work.” 

• Be proud of what God has given you- no matter how small or big. 
The eagle recovers around a mark!
Watch this Joel Osteen Video and be moved: 

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