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Everybody wants to be happy and indeed there are so many reasons for one to feel joy. However, as ironic as it may seem, happiness seems to...

Healthy Drinks To Help You Deal With Stress

Life can be so complicated at times that we are desperate for relief, for things that would help us slow down, relax and just breathe. Being stressed out is a part of life but it doesn’t mean we can’t do anything about it. And it doesn’t mean resorting to expensive vices like shopping, drinking, etc. Or popping up oral supplements that can do more harm than good. There are a lot of natural and fun ways that can help one deal with stress. For one, you can try gulping these healthy drinks that can calm your muscles, clear your mind and is also a refreshing treat.  

A cup of hot cocoa will do the trick. As one drink warm cocoa, the temperature in  the body rises and as this is mostly associated with comfort, the body sends signal to the brain to calm down.

Boost your mood with a glass of milk. Drinking milk can instantly lift one’s mood because it contains tryptophan which became serotonin when metabolized. Serotonin can boost one’s mood and other milk components such as magnesium, calcium and potassium lower one’s blood pressure.

Try black tea for good vibes. Drinking black tea lower stress levels as proven by a research study done by University College London. It said that drinking black tea four times a day for six weeks lowered the stress hormone cortisol after a stressful event.

Feel super with green teapacked with theanine, which increases the brain’s output of relaxation-inducing alpha waves and reduces the output of tension-making beta waves.

Be Refreshed with a Cold water. The cold water stimulates the blood and helps release the feel good hormones- endorphins.

Want Whiter Teeth Do It the Natural Way

Smoking, too much dark sodas, coffee or tea- all these can make teeth less whiter. Dentists offer a quick solution such as teeth bleaching but it can be super expensive right? Fret not. Here is a cheap and natural way to whiten your teeth/

Just use: ½ teaspoon baking soda, soft toothbrush and 1 ripe strawberry

All you need to do is mash the strawberry and then add the baking soda. Mix it well and then using the soft toothbrush apply the mixture on the teeth. Wait for five minutes before rinsing and then brush your teeth with regular toothpaste. You can get rid of the strawberry seeds by flossing. Strawberries are a natural teeth whitener because it contains malic acid which can remove surface discoloration.

Caution: Apply the mixture only once a week because doing it so often may cause the acid to damage tooth enamel.

What To Do With Fruit Peels?

Some people love to eat fruits such as apples or pears without its peel. And of course there are fruits that you really can’t eat without its peel such as oranges, mangoes, etc. But don’t you feel a little guilty when you are about to throw those fruit peels? In my case, the answer is yes mainly because I read somewhere that the nutrients – practically all the good stuff in fruits are in the peel. 

So I tried to look for ways on how to use fruit peels. And mind you, just by googling it, I discovered a lot of ways to use fruit peels. Some say one can make a tea by boiling fruit peels and adding some cinnamon or honey. Others make a spread jam out of fruit peels while others boil it for the nice aroma.

As for me, this is what I do with our fruit peels. I add the fruit peels in my daughter’s bath. I just gather all the fruit peels then boil it in a pot of water. Sometimes I put the peels and a bit of warm water in a blender then use the mixture when bathing my baby. I am also thinking of putting the extracts in a nice bottle then maybe I can give it as a gift on Christmas.

The benefits? It makes the skin soft, smooth and hastens recovery of insect bites and other wounds.

Ways to Raise a Responsible Child

Kids will be kids. It is in their nature to be naughty and mischievous. As a youngster they are not yet aware that there are set of laws to be followed. This is the reason why children with irresponsible parents grow up to be rebellious and disobedient. To develop the child’s sturdy character, discipline must be enforced. Children naturally desire order and maintaining it is a challenge for all parents.

Establish rules. Talk to your child and make him understand that there are some things that he can and cannot do. Discuss why certain behaviors are unacceptable. Set punishment for each wrong act. If the rules are clear, your child would not feel misunderstood or unloved when punished.

Be consistent. Children know the rules but will still attempt to break them just to discover your reaction. It might break your heart to implement disciplinary action but reprimanding your child is the right decision to do. This will let them know that every action has a consequence. Giving in to their excuses and tears will only encourage them to repeat the bad deed.

Provide a good example. Begin with yourself. Remember you can’t give something you do not have. Make sure that you are practicing whatever value that you try to teach your kids. You can’t make a child keep a tidy room if he or she sees that your room looks like a jungle.

Let your child develop a good habit. Good habits are essential to succeed in life. Set a specific time for schoolwork to develop study habits. Nourish them with fruits and vegetables to guarantee a healthy lifestyle. At an early age let him or her see the benefits of saving and the ills of overspending. Expose them to a number of activities that will develop their intellect and widen their knowledge.

Recognize good behavior. Be sure to notice your child’s good deed. Smile and let them know that you are pleased. Offer rewards if you think they are necessary. Good behaviors will be reinforced and will remain in their system for life.

How To Earn Money Effortlessly Start A Hobby

The choice of a hobby is crucial. Aside from the fact that this is mostly where your extra time goes, it is also supposed to be your emotional catharsis. It is something you can do when you are feeling low and you want to unwind. In short, a hobby is supposed to be fun and easy to do- something you enjoy. It can be singing, dancing, doing craftworks, cooking, playing a sport etc.

But I think everyone would agree that a hobby would be even more enjoyable and fulfilling if you can earn money from it. Yes it can be done by picking a worthwhile hobby, something that can let you earn money. Just remember that in every situation, there is always an opportunity to earn.

As for me, my current hobby is blogging and one good thing about is that I can monetize. I enjoy writing and I am happy blogging. And I just love the fact that I earn some money from it. Hobbies erase the notion that earning money need to be difficult.

I think it just proves that if you are happy with what you’re doing and you are not doing anything wrong, then money and blessings will flow!

Pamper Yourself at Home DIY Foot Spa

I have a confession to make; you know the skin in my feet is so dry. Those kinds that even if you put tons of lotion on it in the morning, it always ends up dry and feeling hard at the days end.

I felt envy whenever I see girls with soft, smooth and pinkish feet and toes. To prettify my feet, I used to go for a foot spa service but I find the service a little expensive. There are also times when I would be disappointed with the result. I also think that the foot spa service is actually easy to do. In fact I can do it by myself and at home.

What you need for the foot spa recipe:

Here’s the foot spa recipe I recently tried. All you need is evaporated milk, water, sugar and lemon zest and lemon rind. If you do not have lemon, you can use calamansi. You will also need a large bowl where you will soak you feet on. Prepare lotion and towel too.

Foot Spa Recipe

Put at least two (2) cups of milk in seven (7) cups of hot water. Then put a few drops of lemon zest. Transfer this mixture in a large bowl and soak your feet in it for at least 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, get the lemon rind and put ½ cup of sugar on it. Rub the lemon rind with sugar on your fet to remove dead skin cells.

Then rinse your feet with clean water and pat dry. You now have freshly scrubbed feet- it is soft to touch and smells good too. As an extra treat, apply lotion on your feet and then wrapped it with an old sock for at least an hour to trap the moisture. It is best to do this routine before bedtime so you can wrapped your feet overnight.

Try this do it yourself foot spa recipe. Save money and get happy feet!

Use Credit Card Wisely, Buy After Cut-Off Date

The term "patience is a virtue"  is very applicable in using credit cards. What i mean is that before buying anything using a credit card, it pays to always take note of your cut-off date. For example, you want to purchase something on August 11 but your cut-off date is August 13, it would be best to hold the purchase for three more days because it would mean longer time before you will be charged for the item bought.

This is because your purchases before the cut-off period would be reflected on the next billing period. However, those bought after the cut off date would appear on the second billing period. It is like having an interest-free loan for 2 months.

Travel Tip - Always Bring a Bottle of Water

I just want to share this habit of mine that I just recently acquired. I have found it useful to always bring a bottle of drinking water wherever I go. I bought a cute water bottle that is not too bulky; it would fit into my tiny bag. When I am traveling with my husband and daughter, I would bring a larger water bottle so it would be enough for all of us.

I find it pretty useful as I get thirsty most of the time. It keeps me hydrated all day. The bottled water also keeps me from buying sodas and other not so healthy drinks.

And also it allows me to save money. When I eat snacks, I don’t have to buy drinks anymore. Mind you,bottled water can be expensive too. I used the saved bucks on other things.

So what can I say? It pays to bring a water bottle!

How to Solve Money Problems Light A Green Candle

I am fascinated with candles. In fact, if a person would be a thing, I think it is kind of neat to be a candle. Candles are magical and mysterious, an object that represents heroism as it gives light while it melts.

Anyway, I also believe that lighting a candle is a form of prayer. It is the reason why candles are always present in church activities or ceremonies such as weddings, baptism, etc.

And do you think that lighting a candle can help solve your problems? Yes that is right, you can light a candle of a certain color to help you deal with life’s difficulties. For example, lighting a blue candle will help give you peace of mind.

And if you are experiencing money problems- the color of the candle to light is green. Yes, light a green candle if you are having trouble paying your debts or don’t have a source of livelihood.

I tried this myself and I can attest that it works! It is not always like you light a candle now and then the next day, you will win the lotto. What happened to me is that a few days after lighting the candle, I got offers that would allow me to earn money or I suddenly had a salary increase. It was like I enhanced my ability to attract money and money earning opportunities

Of course, lighting a candle won’t work if it is not combined with prayer and good intentions. So always seek God’s assistance first. And if lighting a green candle works for you, don’t be so blinded that you start thanking the candle. Thank God always and abundance will come to your life. 
I just want to share this text I read somewhere: Candles, when combined with prayer and faith, can produce miracles.

One Way to Re-use Leftover Soap Pieces Soap Slivers

I’m sure everyone has experienced this at one point- a piece of soap that has become too small you don’t know what to do with it. You don’t want to use it anymore because it is already too tiny but you hate throwing it off because it’s wasteful.

Well, I think everyone should be informed that soap slivers should not be thrown off because you can still reuse it in so many ways. One can form a new bar of soap by sticking together the small soap slivers. Or put the soap slivers in a small amount of hot water to melt it and you would have an instant liquid soap.

But here’s another simple way to re-use it. I read this tip somewhere long ago and just remembered it again now. You can use leftover soap pieces as an alternative to mothballs- one with a nicer smell.  

You can put all your tiny soap slivers in a small bag and just stuck it in your closet or cabinets. It will keep your clothes smelling good. I think you can also place it inside your shoe while not in use to ward off the bad smell. So save that soap slivers now!
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