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One Way to Re-use Leftover Soap Pieces Soap Slivers

I’m sure everyone has experienced this at one point- a piece of soap that has become too small you don’t know what to do with it. You don’t want to use it anymore because it is already too tiny but you hate throwing it off because it’s wasteful.

Well, I think everyone should be informed that soap slivers should not be thrown off because you can still reuse it in so many ways. One can form a new bar of soap by sticking together the small soap slivers. Or put the soap slivers in a small amount of hot water to melt it and you would have an instant liquid soap.

But here’s another simple way to re-use it. I read this tip somewhere long ago and just remembered it again now. You can use leftover soap pieces as an alternative to mothballs- one with a nicer smell.  

You can put all your tiny soap slivers in a small bag and just stuck it in your closet or cabinets. It will keep your clothes smelling good. I think you can also place it inside your shoe while not in use to ward off the bad smell. So save that soap slivers now!

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