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What To Do With Fruit Peels?

Some people love to eat fruits such as apples or pears without its peel. And of course there are fruits that you really can’t eat without its peel such as oranges, mangoes, etc. But don’t you feel a little guilty when you are about to throw those fruit peels? In my case, the answer is yes mainly because I read somewhere that the nutrients – practically all the good stuff in fruits are in the peel. 

So I tried to look for ways on how to use fruit peels. And mind you, just by googling it, I discovered a lot of ways to use fruit peels. Some say one can make a tea by boiling fruit peels and adding some cinnamon or honey. Others make a spread jam out of fruit peels while others boil it for the nice aroma.

As for me, this is what I do with our fruit peels. I add the fruit peels in my daughter’s bath. I just gather all the fruit peels then boil it in a pot of water. Sometimes I put the peels and a bit of warm water in a blender then use the mixture when bathing my baby. I am also thinking of putting the extracts in a nice bottle then maybe I can give it as a gift on Christmas.

The benefits? It makes the skin soft, smooth and hastens recovery of insect bites and other wounds.

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