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How to Solve Money Problems Light A Green Candle

I am fascinated with candles. In fact, if a person would be a thing, I think it is kind of neat to be a candle. Candles are magical and mysterious, an object that represents heroism as it gives light while it melts.

Anyway, I also believe that lighting a candle is a form of prayer. It is the reason why candles are always present in church activities or ceremonies such as weddings, baptism, etc.

And do you think that lighting a candle can help solve your problems? Yes that is right, you can light a candle of a certain color to help you deal with life’s difficulties. For example, lighting a blue candle will help give you peace of mind.

And if you are experiencing money problems- the color of the candle to light is green. Yes, light a green candle if you are having trouble paying your debts or don’t have a source of livelihood.

I tried this myself and I can attest that it works! It is not always like you light a candle now and then the next day, you will win the lotto. What happened to me is that a few days after lighting the candle, I got offers that would allow me to earn money or I suddenly had a salary increase. It was like I enhanced my ability to attract money and money earning opportunities

Of course, lighting a candle won’t work if it is not combined with prayer and good intentions. So always seek God’s assistance first. And if lighting a green candle works for you, don’t be so blinded that you start thanking the candle. Thank God always and abundance will come to your life. 
I just want to share this text I read somewhere: Candles, when combined with prayer and faith, can produce miracles.

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