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Travel Tip - Always Bring a Bottle of Water

I just want to share this habit of mine that I just recently acquired. I have found it useful to always bring a bottle of drinking water wherever I go. I bought a cute water bottle that is not too bulky; it would fit into my tiny bag. When I am traveling with my husband and daughter, I would bring a larger water bottle so it would be enough for all of us.

I find it pretty useful as I get thirsty most of the time. It keeps me hydrated all day. The bottled water also keeps me from buying sodas and other not so healthy drinks.

And also it allows me to save money. When I eat snacks, I don’t have to buy drinks anymore. Mind you,bottled water can be expensive too. I used the saved bucks on other things.

So what can I say? It pays to bring a water bottle!

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