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Have a Spirit of Excellence

Recently, I had the privilege of watching this 30-minute video by Joel Osteen that is so inspiring, it just has to be shared. It is applicable to everyone and in all aspect of our lives. It is all about having a spirit of excellence. I took some notes while watching this video:

 • The video says that in our society today, mediocrity is the norm. However, God doesn’t bless mediocrity, God blesses excellence. 

• So all of us should -Go the extra mile” and “Do more than what is required.” 

• Living well or in excellence praises and honors God. 

• Having a spirit of excellence also means doing the right thing at all times, even when no one is watching. 

• We should all- “Take pride in our work.” 

• Be proud of what God has given you- no matter how small or big. 
The eagle recovers around a mark!
Watch this Joel Osteen Video and be moved: 

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