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True Cinnamon versus Cinnamon Cassia

Many people who are interested to use cinnamon are confused about its two kinds – there is what they call true cinnamon and then there is the cinnamon cassia.
What is the difference between these two? What should I use if I want to take advantage of its nutritional benefits?
Cinnamon and Cassia: Different in Every Way
Cinnamon and cassia are from the same plant family (Lauraceae) and the same genus, Cinnamomum. However, cinnamon and cassia are not from the same plant family so people should not confuse them as one and the same. Their nutritional and health benefits are also very different.
The scientific name of the true cinnamon is “Ceylon cinnamon” and it is obtained from Cinnamomum zeylanicum plant. This kind is also known by the name Cinnamomum verum, which means "true cinnamon."

Cassia on the other hand is from a different species of cinnamon that includes Cinnamomum cassia(also known as Cinnamomum aromaticaum) and Cinnamomum burmannii.
Cassia is also often referred to as Chinese cinnamon, Saigon cinnamon, Java cinnamon and Padangcassia.

How to make a distinction between the two?

The true cinnamon or Ceylon cinnamon is rolled like a cigar and it is thin and brittle. On the other hand, cassia is thicker and harder because it is double-rolled. You will also find that Ceylon cinnamon cost more than cassia.

Those who want to use cinnamon for its health benefits especially in regulating blood sugar should use the Ceylon cinnamon

Cassia contains coumarin, a naturally occurring plant component that has anti-   coagulant properties. Too much intake of cassia with coumarin may cause health problems because our blood needs to maintain its ability to coagulate in times of injury.

If you buy cinnamon powder, then it would be hard to tell if it is made from Ceylon cinnamon or cassia. The only thing you can do is to buy from a manufacturer that clearly states its source.
If you are buying stick cinnamon, then you need to examine the texture of the sticks downward. In cassia cinnamon, you will notice it is just a one-piece bark without multiple layers. If the stick shows multiple layers at the end, then it is made from true cinnamon.

True cinnamon is recommended for those who plan to use it regularly as they do not pose any adverse health effects.

Cassia cinnamon is for those who only want to consume it on a limited basis because too much consumption can be harmful. It is best to choose organic cinnamon.

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