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How to Use Cinnamon at Home

One element of good housekeeping is making sure that the house is not lacking in basic essentials. These are stuff that one should always have a stock at home; simply because of the variety of ways it can be used. Examples of these essentials are spices and condiments such as salt, pepper, vinegar, soy sauce and yes- adding cinnamon to that list is definitely a good idea.
Cinnamon is a very useful house product and listed below are some of the reasons why:
Instant air freshener: Walking into a room with fresh scent boost the mood and make relaxation easier. Instead of buying air fresheners that can be costly, why not put a dish of ground cinnamon in a room and enjoy the sweet scent.
Make an Incense. Use a match to ground cinnamon and you already have a pure incense. Just remember to put it in a heat-resistant container.
Make Your Own Moth Repellant Sachets. You will need small square pieces of fabrics as this is where you will put the cinnamon insect repellant mixture. Just combine cinnamon sticks which have been broken to small pieces (at least 4 sticks), half a cup of whole cloves and half a cup of black peppercorns (whole). You can put it in your closet to keep moths away.
Do you know other ways to use cinnamon? Please share by leaving a comment below

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