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What Are the Health Benefits of Cinnamon

Why is Cinnamon Good For You

Can you eat and drink something delicious and still be healthy? People who will answer No are certainly unaware of cinnamon and its various benefits to one’s health. Cinnamon is a spice that is often an ingredient in many tasty recipes and desserts but do you know that aside from its value as food taste enhancer, adding cinnamon in your diet can also do wonders to your health.

Listed below are some of the reasons why you should consume cinnamon

Cinnamon is good for the heart because it can lower bad cholesterol and promote cardiovascular well-being. Thus cinnamon can prevent or cure heart problems.
People who are suffering from diabetes and hypoglycemia would also benefit from cinnamon because it can regulate blood sugar.

To use cinnamon to regulate blood sugar and lower cholesterol, try adding ½ teaspoon of cinnamon powder to regular meal.

The smell of cinnamon also has healing properties because the aromatherapeutic properties can instantly uplift one’s spirit.

Regular intake of cinnamon can also be a pain reliever as it can make pain from arthritis and menstrual pain more manageable. Studies have proven that cinnamon can lower cytokines- a compound that trigger discomfort in body parts with arthritis problems.

Important: Please be aware that cinnamon also has some side effects so before using cinnamon for health purposes, one is strongly advised to first consult a physician

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