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Olive Oil for Thicker Hair

My mother used to have long and thick hair when she was younger. Now that she is more than 70 years old, her hair is thinning and has lost its luster -until she discovered the benefits of olive oil to hair.

She starts to regularly apply olive oil to her scalp a few hours before taking a bath. Sometimes, she would apply it at night and just sleep with a hair cap to make sure the olive oil is really absorb by the scalp. 

And to our surprise, after a few months of doing it, her healthy hair is restored –thick and shiny again. For those who want to try it too, here’s a simple recipe for olive oil hair mask:
Just add a few drops of honey to olive oil to make a hair mask. Add just enough honey because too much of it can make the mask sticky and harder to apply. When the desired consistency is reached, apply the mixture to hair and scalp and then cover it with a hair cap.
Wait for 1 and ½ hour before rinsing it with shampoo. It is best to rinse with cool water because hot water takes away hair shine. 

Do this natural hair care treatment regularly and your hair will be the envy of many. 

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