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Effective Headache Cure But Use in Moderation

I recently experience bouts of terrible pounding headaches that left me almost in tears. It can be described as severe migraine that gets worse as I move around. A very low blood pressure or excessive loss of blood or iron deficiency is one reason for the bouts of severe headaches.

I tried taking pain reliever just to ease the pain but it didn’t work. In my desperate attempt to find relief, I asked my husband to do some research on the net and we tried one of the suggestions that we saw. They say that one effective remedy for severe headaches like migraines is a strong cup of coffee. I am a coffee drinker so that suggestion is very much welcome. I’d rather drink coffee than take meds anytime. So I tried it – drank two strong cups of coffee and guess what-- it works like magic! The pain disappeared almost in an instant.

According to what we have read, coffee is an effective remedy for migraines because it stimulates blood flow and dilates the blood vessels, so more oxygen reaches the brain and the pain stops.

So if you are having a severe headache, you can try drinking a cup of coffee. However, coffee should not be treated as a regular cure for headaches. It is still best to consult a doctor especially if you are someone with special health conditions such as hypertension or heart disease.

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