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How to Get Better Credit Card Deals

Credit cards and their zero percent interest offers are indeed very tempting. Some people may also find it hard to forego these offers with the thought that they are passing up on an opportunity to save.

But every credit card holder should know –that there is no such thing as zero percent interest rates. Whenever you are considering zero percent interest offers, always ask for the amount of the item if you are going to pay it on cash. You will notice that cash payers always get a discount. That discount is actually the interest they charged in card payments. The only convenience about zero percent is that one can stretch the loan to the maximum period allowed and there will be no additional charges.

But there is a way to enjoy real zero percent interest rate. Just purchase the desired item after your cut-off date then pay in card but choose straight payments instead of an installment basis. You get to have credit card points, avail the cash discount, and you get to pay the item after two months.  

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